Small Groups

This Fall through worship, Sunday School, WEF and small groups, we will focus on equipping the laity for ministry. According to Ephesians 4:11-15 the purpose of the church is spiritual formation; therefore the goal of participation in small groups should be personal transformation.

Below you will find the 2021 Fall discipleship opportunities for spiritual growth. After prayerful consideration, I hope you will select your next step on the pathway of personal transformation. It is important that your choices are made out of gratitude and love, rather than obligation. The goal is a way of life, not a “to-do” list. The habits you create will demonstrate the character of Christ to be lived out loud in our church, community and world.

As young Christians we feel and embrace God’s love. As adult learners, we work on our habits through in depth study and practice. We assume leadership opportunities that compliment the body of Christ. As mature and seasoned persons of faith, we are more able to embrace holy surrender to God’s will for our lives.

I look forward to walking forward in our spiritual journeys, both individually and corporately.

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Fall 2021 Small Groups

  • Small Group Booklet

    View all offerings and descriptions here

  • Renewal Group: Searching for Certainty

    Sundays @ 7:00 pm

    Beginning September 19

    Leader:  Clara Harris

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  • A MAn called OVe

    Mondays @ 10:00 am

    Beginning September 13

    Leader:  Sharon Eccles

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  • Mourn-ing breakfast

    Tuesdays @ 9:00 am

    Beginning September 14

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  • Sacred Pathways

    Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm

    Beginning  September 21

    Leader: Matt Smith

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  • Christianity's surprise

    Wednesday mornings @ 10:00 am

    Beginning September 15

    Leader: Rev. Avery White

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  • Grief & Loss Series

    Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm

    Beginning September 15

    Leader: Rev. Shelton Davis

  • Prayer Pause

    Wednesdays @ 6:30pm

    Beginning September 15

    Leader: Becky Greene

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  • Complement- a marriage study

    Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm

    Beginning September 15

    Leaders: Kristi & Steve McClellan

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  • Sabbath: Nothing to Prove

    Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm

    Beginning September 15

    Leader: Anne Mallonee

  • Charitable Creations

    Every other Wednesday @ 6:30 pm

    Beginning September 15

    Leaders: Joy Owens & Cathryn Beasley

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  • Embrace: Open & Unafraid

    Every Other Thursday @ 7:00 pm

    Beginning September 23

    Leader: Cathy Waufle

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  • Jonah

    Thursday's @ 9:30am on Zoom

    Beginning September 16

    Leader: Marti Wetzell

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  • Meet ME at the movies

    Email Kay Whitesell to be on the email list for the church movie group! 

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Small Group Videos